At the Hotel del Golf Playa we have optimized our services and infrastructures, to guarantee a satisfactory and full stay for the tourists who loves cycling. We offer a new and complete way to enjoy cycling, which is why in recent years we have been awarded the Bikefriendly quality seal, which combines a series of accommodations specialized in welcoming people who want to enjoy their vacations by bike, at the same time we have joined the Biktra Club specialists in the Bike&Travel.



El Hotel del Golf Playa se integra en la lista de alojamientos Dog Friendly, por lo que ya pueden acudir con sus mascotas y disfrutar de parques específicos como el del Pinar o el Parque Litoral junto a sus acompañantes caninos.





We have created a Bikefriendly Experience space that integrates a bicycle guard, a workshop and a bicycle washing area. It is a place of easy access with the bicycle where we also have a series of wall racks to hang the bicycle, together with a safety device to guard the bikes in a completely safe way.
In the workshop space you will find everything you need to repair and set up your bike comfortably, having the tools and accessories at your disposal. We also have the collaboration of an external workshop outside the accommodation that performs technical support if necessary.